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Belbak Jewelry Belbak Jewelry

Belbak Jewelry

Belbak Jewelry
Molla Fenari Mah. Şeref Efendi Sok. No:33/2 34120 Nuruosmaniye - Eminönü - İstanbul
Tel.: 90 212 512 73 24 - 520 35 41 - 514 13 07
Fax: 90 212 512 87 03
E-mail: info@belbak.com.tr
Website: www.belbak.com.tr

Online Store:

BELBAK Jewellery is located in Istanbul , Turkey , better known as the World Jewellery Manufacture Center. BELBAK Jewellery would like to present to you its exclusive Jewellery collection in 18 ct white yellow-white and yellow gold. BELBAK Jewellery stands for a mixture of classic and modern jewels and the collection is expanded on a regular basis. Each creation , each design is the result of 25 years of experience and is developed in co-operation with selected jewel designers and goldsmiths. A wide range of jewellers is already familiar with our jewellery. With our numerous years of experience in the jewellery business , BELBAK Jewellery could be an added value to your business. We would be happy to show you our collection , without any obligation. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. Looking forward to hear from you or meeting you.

What's the purpose of this catalogue? We want to propose you , our customer , an as complete possible selection of the existing models for rings , pendants , earrings and bracelets. For you ,this catalogue works like a reference guide; it will also support you for your own sales towards your customers. Therefore , we have illustrated the catalogue with photographs showing the different models of settings as set as well as unset. These models are generally available in the two main gold colours. The choice is up to you. Part of the representedmodels could be supplied immediately out of our stock , others by order. You can count on us to do our utmost to deliver as fast as possible and to offer you the best possible service. Most of the models are available in the standart four or six different diameters. They can also be ordered in the desired diameter.Rings can be made in any desired measure. All the weights in the catalogue are approximate and must be considered as a guideline.Prices are subjected to the daily quotation on the gold market added with the cost of labour. This detailed catalogue will promote and support you to increase your diamond sales. Our company is established in the heart of the World Jewellery Manufacture Center of Istanbul. We can offer you the best service and information about any diamond and jewellery available on the market.For you this means: the most competitive prices and a lot of timesaving. We wish you all the best and success.

General information
All our goods are mostly cast. All of our merchandise is available in 18 ct gold (au 750) white yellow or two-tone.
We can produce 14 ct gold (au 585) on request by the customer , with a minimum quantity of 500 grams.

How to order
Fax order: +90 212 512 87 03 for the nearest agent contact with us.
Phone order: +90 212 512 73 24 or +90 212 520 35 41 or contact with us for
The nearest agent on the last page.
Internet order: info@belbak.com.tr or use the website www.belbak.com.tr
All our products have a style number and are available in three variations:
Yellow gold = YG
White gold = WG
Two Tone = YW

In case of Two Tone the setting part will be white and the shank yellow.
If you desire any other combination do note it in the REMARKS section on your order form.
The weight on the selected items can variate as well due to casting by 10% and are depending of the ringsize.

Stone sizes
To order a specific stone size for your ring , look at the stone weight. Don't forget to mention this on your order form along with the style number.

For payments you can transfer total amount to our given bank. If preferred you can make direct payment to BELBAK Jewellery.

We will do our best to reduce the shipping cost the minimum , and still deliver on requested date. Generally , we will use REGISTERED MAIL for prepaid goods , as this is proved to be the lowest cost for shipments. If you have any other preferences please mention it. In case the goods are not prepaid we will ship COD by post or courrier if that service is available.

Shipping Policy
Shipping and handling charges are the responsibility of the customer.
A- All items in stock are shipped the same day the order is placed.
All orders will be charged shipped and handling.This includes backorders.
B- All exchanges and returns will incur a shipping charge , unless wrong delivery of items.
For security purposes , merchandise will only be shipped to the address on the account.
C- Ship "two in stock" items will be shipped when order is received.Backorders will be shipped when all of the items are available.
D- Ship complete "in stock items" will be held until all backorders are available.

Belbak Jewelry

Belbak Jewelry  - TurkishFashion.net Belbak Jewelry  - TurkishFashion.net Belbak Jewelry  - TurkishFashion.net Belbak Jewelry  - TurkishFashion.net Belbak Jewelry  - TurkishFashion.net Belbak Jewelry  - TurkishFashion.net 

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Belbak Jewelry Fashion Collections
 Belbak Jewelry Collection Jewelry 2013
Belbak Jewelry Collection  2013Belbak Jewelry Belbak Jewelry Collection  2013Belbak Jewelry Belbak Jewelry Collection  2013Belbak Jewelry Belbak Jewelry Collection  2013Belbak Jewelry
 Belbak Jewelry Collection Jewelry 2014
Belbak Jewelry Collection  2014Belbak Jewelry Belbak Jewelry Collection  2014Belbak Jewelry Belbak Jewelry Collection  2014Belbak Jewelry Belbak Jewelry Collection  2014Belbak Jewelry

Belbak Jewelry
2 Fashion Collections Belbak Jewelry
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Belbak Jewelry Fashion Collections
 Collection  2014Belbak Jewelry
Collection 2014
 Collection  2013Belbak Jewelry
Collection 2013

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